We are a contact Centre head quartered in Canada that provides you with an educated resource network from Africa. AfriContact provides total outsourcing solutions to businesses and the services we provide are telemarketing, administrative support, customer service and data entry.

Our services are powered by dedicated teams that work during your office hours and our services are available 24/7. We work with you to streamline your business operations to add a memorable customer service experience for your clients.

Customer Service

Our agents engage customers by actively listening to their needs, concerns, and feedback. They pay attention to verbal cues, tone of voice, and emotions expressed by the customer to better understand their perspective.

Back Office Solutions

We gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific back-office processes that need to be handled within your business. This could include tasks such as order processing, data entry, document verification, account maintenance, and other administrative functions.

Marketing and Sales Support

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How It Works


Schedule a Call

To start the process to engage our services, give us a quick call.


Meet With Us

When you call us, we can schedule an appointment to meet with us.


Agent OnBoarding

Once you meet with us, we arrange  training to onboard our agents.


Servicing Clients

When onboarding is complete, our agents are ready to service your clients

Frequently Questions

What are the important skills of our agents?

Important skills our agents include excellent communication skills, active listening, empathy, problem-solving abilities, patience, time management, and the ability to multitask. They are familiar with relevant software applications, have good typing skills, and are adaptable to different customer situations.

How do we improve our agents’ productivity?

We improve agent productivity by providing comprehensive training and ongoing coaching, implementing efficient call routing and queuing systems, providing access to relevant resources and knowledge bases, optimizing workflows and processes, utilizing productivity tools and software, and fostering a positive and supportive work environment.

How does AfriContact ensure date security and privacy?

We ensure data security and privacy by implementing robust security measures, including encrypted communication channels, access controls, firewall protection, regular data backups, and compliance with relevant data protection regulations such as GDPR or CCPA. Agents are trained on data handling best practices to protect customer informatio